Castaways Resort and Spa -Drift Spa
This is  your destination for your wellness experience. Keep an eye out for weekend retreats and packages or contact Drift Spa. They will have you relaxed from the moment you arrive. For more details on accommodation and other services 

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Located beach front and walking distance to Mission Beach resturant area, weekend retreats, bulk bookings and special getaways are always unique…. For more details on accommodation and other services 

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Essential Self Healing
Located at the beautiful Mission Beach Markets, or able to travel to your destination, Prarthanna Grace has been involved in the holistic healing arts for over 30 years. Grace is a practitioner of Tibetan Tantric meditation practices, women’s health specialist, martial artist and martial arts educator, therapeutic bodyworker, healer, mother and grandmother.  Contact Grace for more information on Reflexology -Therapeutic meridian zone therapy (foot, hand, face and scalp)… For more details on other services 

Kim Rayner – Artist
A contemporary artist with a focus in drawing and painting. Kim exhibits and also holds various art workshops throughout the year. Contact Kim now to commission that special piece and admire her recent creations… For more details on other services 

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Kundalini Love
Looking for a special time to centre, reflect and renew? Try Kundalini Love for a personalised experience for your self or the loved ones in your life.. For more details on other services 

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Sanctuary Retreat
Sanctuary at Mission Beach is an affordable accredited rainforest eco-lodge at Mission Beach, North Queensland, Australia. Located in the wet-tropics rainforest, your expeience will bring you closer to nature and yourself.  For more details on retreats

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Viv’s Ayurveda and Yoga
Immerse yourself in the Ayurvedic treatments including Ayurvedic Massage with Marma Therapy, Shirodhara, Kati Basti treatments for all musculo-skeletal problems especially back problems, knees, shoulders and necks.  As a trained Beauty Therapist Viv offers Delux Vitamin Therapy Facials with facial reflexology. For more details on other retreats and opportunites …

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Write your Journey
Discover the healing power of writing and the joy of creative self expression. Writing for calm and resilience and mindful writing can help you reconnect….Creative writing retreats are on offer now! For more details on other courses and opportunites …