Become a Member

Mission Beach is represented by Cassowary Coast Tourism. To have representation on this site (www.missionbeach and, you are required to be a member of Cassowary Coast Tourism. Click on this link to access the membership information.

Tropical Coast Tourism is the region’s peak tourism body, facilitating memberships, promoting sustainable tourism development and marketing this wonderful destination across Australia and around the world. In Mission Beach and the surrounding area, tourism is the most important industry. Every business in our region benefits when tourism is thriving, so it is vital that we support the growth of our number one industry.

Membership of Tropical Coast Tourism is the most cost effective marketing and promotion activity that any business in the region can undertake. This is because we:

  • Exists solely to serve the needs of its members
  • Has well developed contacts with all media
  • Employs highly skilled staff and has a large group of enthusiastic volunteers
  • Undertakes regular joint promotional activities with other organisations
  • Is highly regarded within the tourism industry
  • Has a dedicated executive committee with diverse business and tourism skills

Why support tourism?

If you are in business in this region… any business… you benefit from the region’s tourism industry… whether your income is derived directly from our visitors each year or through the local population and networks which support tourism.

How to get the most value out of your membership.

Marketing is one of the most important elements of helping your business to grow. We offer a number of creative and innovative ways to promote your business using our networks and online platforms. As a member you have the opportunity to engage in promotion of Mission Beach and our region.