Dunk Island Mission Beach

Mission Beach Property Development

Mission Beach has seen high levels of growth in recent years with huge amounts of investment being pumped into the area; consequently having a significant and extremely positive effect on property values.

PRD Nationwide Research identified Mission Beach as one of the Australian key “hot spots” for property investment and stated that “infrastructure improvements and the ongoing sea change phenomenon should see this region become part of the North Queensland lifestyle market”.

Mission Beach has a unique opportunity to become one of the few places in the world to live in harmony with nature and the environment. Being blessed by missing out on the rampant development which overtook Cairns and Port Douglas in the 1980s and 1990s, the saviour of a truly magical part of the world, means that the next level of growth has to be managed well. Mission Beach is ideal to attract developments that work in harmony with the surrounding environs of coast, beach and world heritage-listed rainforest. MiCorp Property, one of the major boutique developers based in Mission Beach believe that “Green” is the new luxury and highly sought after. Remoteness and space is the key to experiencing the natural environment. Mission Beach has been the focus of unparalleled levels of investment in recent times; sparking speculation it is set to become the new “green” prestige destination for Far North Queensland.