Kundalini Love
Looking for a special time to centre, reflect and renew? Try Kundalini Love for a personalised experience for your self or the loved ones in your life.. For more details on services 

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Sanctum Massage and Yoga
Located in beautiful South Mission Beach, Sanctum offers massage, therapies and treatments as well as private and class yoga sessions.  For more details on other services 

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Sundance Studio
A unique space to explore your creativity and a little bit of soul searching… Take part in the jewellery, macrame and other workshops… For more details on other services 

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Viv’s Ayurveda and Yoga
Immerse yourself in the Ayurvedic treatments including Ayurvedic Massage with Marma Therapy, Shirodhara, Kati Basti treatments for all musculo-skeletal problems especially back problems, knees, shoulders and necks.  As a trained Beauty Therapist, Viv offers Delux Vitamin Therapy Facials with facial reflexology. For more details on other retreats and opportunites …

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