Rainforest – Waterfalls – Wetlands Full Day

Beautiful rainforest, stunning waterfalls and fascinating wetlands on this fabulous full day itinerary starting at Mission Beach.

Licuala Rainforest Walk

A very short drive out of Mission Beach towards Tully and you will find the sign to the Licuala Rainforest Track. This is an easy 45 minute circuit which is surrounded by Licuala Palms. A beautiful big, round leaf palm only found in certain rainforests. Definitely bring your camera, you never know what wildlife could be around the corner.

Murray Falls

Around a 45 min. drive (follow Tully Rd to Tully and take Bruce Highway south towards Ingham) will get you to Murray Falls. Rainforest mountains meet tropical lowlands in the scenic foothills of the Kirrama Range. The clear waters of the Murray River cascade over boulders into rock pools in this picturesque spot. Bring your bathers and enjoy a refreshing dip in the marked swimming zones.


A laid back little charming town just a short drive from the falls. The perfect spot to have a lunch break and have a little wander through town. Cardwell also has its own marina if you like to check out some nice boats and have lunch overlooking the water.

Wallaman Falls

A good one and a half hour drive from Cardwell will get you to Wallaman Falls. ( Please always check with a Visitor Centre if the inland road to the falls are open.) This marvellous waterfall is the tallest single drop waterfall in Queensland and stands as a 305 meter tall plunge. Walk to the viewing platform or even to the bottom of the falls just remember you also have to walk the whole way up again. (Please get some further information about the walking trail and what to bring from a local Visitor Centre.)

Tyto Wetlands

The Tyto Wetlands are located just 800 metres south of Ingham. Before making your way there stop in at the Tyto Wetlands Centre in Ingham. Before making your way there stop in at the Tyto Wetlands Centre in Ingham to get the best information on where to go and what to do. The Wetlands are home to more than 230 different bird species. A real paradise for Birdwatchers.

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