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Townsville Helicopters

Townsville Helicopters offers island transfers, customised charter services and scenic flights based out of Townsville Airport. The options start from a simple 10 minute joy flight all the way through to customised weeklong fishing trips.

Some of our favourite experiences include flights to:

  • The Channel Inn at Lucinda for lunch; this scenic flight goes past the Palm and Orpheus Island groups and the 6 km long Lucinda jetty before landing at the Inn at the foot of the Hinchinbrook Passage.
  • The Heritage Tea Rooms for a cuppa; the tea rooms are situated about 15 minutes flight time west of Townsville in an historic building and offer great coffee and cakes.
  • A sand cay on the Great Barrier Reef for a Paddle. The Reef looks amazing from the air and the opportunity to set down walk along the sand cay and put your feet in the water is magical.
  • A tropical Island for a relax on the beach. We have several options around Townsville to find a secluded beach on a small island or stretch of coast for you to spend some time on.

Check out all of the other options at our web site or give us a call on 07 4772 4998 to find out more.


Contact Details:

Townsville Helicopters
Townsville QLD 4810

Phone: 07 4772 4998




Scenic Flights

10/15/30 minute

Customised Flights

Great Barrier Reef

Tropical Islands

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